Eiji Minagawa from Kamakura Japan sent us these photos of some beautiful fins and boards made by legendary Japanese surfer/shaper Go Yukioka. A true craftsman, Go has been shaping for over 40 years and makes the entire board by himself. The V bottom looks very interesting. Thanks, Eiji!


We got a great submission the other day from John Mellor. Check out his hoop fins!


I have a couple of pics of fins I have made from scratch that are perhaps described as tunnel or hoop fins. I don’t take credit for the concept as it’s been used as far as I know as far back as the 60s. This particular design is my own. I’m just a hobbyist and don’t offer these for sale. They’re a pain to make but do tend to trigger conversations.

Here are a few pics in no apparent order. The first few show how they are made… I arch a section of plastic bucket and orient the bases to approximate some sort of toe-in. After I get enough glass on board to form an arch, I add some foam sections which get foiled down later and capped with fiberglass or carbon. The strings are just to help hold it’s shape. It’s all pretty much ‘eyeballed.’ The fiberglass arch pops right off the bucket material.


We think they look great and are stoked that John took the time to share them with us. Thanks, John!

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